Get Started

Here are the basics:

Each week, you will receive a new meal plan and shopping list for the upcoming week. Your meal plan is your guide for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. All of the recipes used in the meal plan are found on our website. We have even taken the work out of having to search for these recipes by including a hyperlink to each recipe within the meal plan. No more thumbing through cookbooks, or surfing the web in hopes of finding nutritious and healthy meals.

Along with your meal plan, you will receive a shopping list. Each week before you head off to the grocery store, print your shopping list. Save yourself some money by perusing through your kitchen, garden and fridge for any items you may already have.  If you have some of these items on hand, subtract them from the shopping list and fill in the actual amount needed in the “Need” column of your list.

One more thing you need before you head out to the store…your staples list. The staples list is an inventory of frequently used items that can be stored in your pantry or fridge for longer periods of time. These items are not included in the weekly shopping list and should be purchased, stored, and restocked as needed. Once these items have been purchased, the easiest way to maintain a well-stocked pantry is to immediately replace any ingredients when they fall below 1/3 of the amount listed on the staples list. For example, when your olive oil falls below 1/3 of a bottle, mark the ingredient on your staples list to be purchased on your next shopping trip.

You may notice occasionally that there are PREP instructions located within the meal plan or at the bottom of your meal plan. These are usually items that may require more preparation than to be expected on a weeknight meal. If the items are written within the meal plan, they are meant to be prepared on that specific day. If the PREP instructions are located at the bottom of your meal plan, you may prepare these items at your convenience prior to the meal in which they are needed.

Are you ready to get going on YOUR meal plan?

Visit our Philosophy page and the FAQ’s page for more information about following the plan.