Denver Scramble

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Denver Scramble
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½ Tablespoon unsalted butter or coconut oil

¼ – ½ red, yellow or green bell pepper, cored, seeded, and cut into medium dice

2 Tablespoons yellow onion, medium dice

2 large eggs

1 Tablespoon water

Dash of sea salt and black pepper


Melt the butter or oil in a small nonstick frying pan over medium heat.

Add the bell pepper and onion, season with salt and pepper, and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, place the eggs, salt and measured salt and pepper in a large bowl and whisk until the eggs are broken up and the mixture is thoroughly combined; set aside.

Reduce the heat to medium low and pour in the egg mixture. Let sit undisturbed until the eggs just start to set around the edges, about 1 to 2 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, push the eggs from the edges into the center. Let sit again until the edges start to set, then spread back into an even layer.  Repeat, pushing the eggs from the edges into the center every 30 seconds until eggs are set. Serve immediately.

Makes 1 serving